The aim of this workshop is to come back to the basis (the square) and to explore creation’s mechanisms, starting with simple blocks.

The square is a source of inspiration, especially if it is not used in a traditional way. Numerous paths will be explored: proportions, transparency, color hamonies and contrasts, special square related sewing methods, etc.

These exercises could give new ideas or be the starting point for a new project. Machine sewing techniques shall remain simple and the course is open to all.

Each pariticpant will make one block or more, following precise instructions. Then all the exercises will be pinned to the wall to form an ephemerical quilt. The final impact is the end of the exercise and can be photographed for archive.

The workshop will be quite intensive, and every 2-3 hours, there will be a new quilt on the wall.

This workshop is especially convenient for people wanting to set a foot outside traditionnal quilting and wanting to develop some more personal work.

Make room for the square

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